Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Lift Man

In that not at all crowded lift,
You sit on the truth.
You do not have any series of question
‘You are Mum’
It does not make much difference
If you are deaf, dumb or blind.
‘You are old’
You will not be able to do much if the lift
Comes to an end someday.
The walls, the dust, the floor
The vacuum and that bloody long tube light
Loves you.
But the green grass hates you.
‘You need a replacement’
Someone strong to sop Tsumani
And someone soft to define my love.

There is not much difference
Between the Old Lift Man in NIMHANS
And God.

BURDEN by Shobha Goswami

One of Shobha Goswami's finest paintings that I am so impressed with that at the first glance I could not resist myself linking it to my blog. She is one of the finest painters in the contemporary times and who is highly inspired by Nature's beauty. To know more about her works please click NISARGA Art Prints

my room

In one of the rooms of mine he studies,in another one he takes his meal, in one of them he sings ,sleeps in the other. He rents all the four rooms of my heart He is none but sorrow. - Nilim Kumar