Friday, May 2, 2008

Come...Lets Get Drenched Today

She loves rain
But, not much she has drenched in it.

Guddu once said
When love transpires, the shade of the leaves becomes green
When the road takes a curve
And you tend to rest
You will feel that round and square are words
Not to be found in glossary.
If there is any truth, that’s only beauty-
Of life and of Death

Even I like rain
And I got soaked many a times.
I always feel the aura of
Rain drops, falling on the dry land
In her breath
And also try to realize the truth-
Of life and Death

This time when it rains,
I will remind you to embraces the raindrops
Close to heart,
Close to truth.


Deepa said...

Wow... wonderful.. I love to drench in your rain :P

Lilly said...

very well put....
loved this one!

Paras said...

thank you so much Deepa.. And Lilly, thanks for going thru :)

Hep Joan said...

Dawg! You just keep getting better and better. Was touched by this one. I love the rains too. Especially when accompanied by love ;-)

Jolly said...

u write too well! superb, have never been good at poetry writing, envy ppl who have the skill and u have it in abundance!

Pritisha Kalita said...

Hey...its seriously amazing...have to get inspired by u now:)

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