Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sun is Lost Somewhere in an Ugly Painting

The sun came out like ever before
Like dreams of mine in between the clouds
Like hide and seek when I sleep
Like bubbles of rain in winters.

I remember – 
The sun looked calm and stunning in the morning. 

During the noon, she was a bit annoying
But her tender touch waved a warm layer on my back.

And by evening as usual 
She wanted to go.
The moist breeze helped her sleep. 
She vanished in between two dark threads

Today darkness looks more dark and cruel
As if some painter has overdone his painting
I am not able to search the stars too,
Someone has hidden them in his palm.

The scarlet blood has made the sky look ugly.
The sun is lost among the dead bodies 
Now its just darkness,
Someone's dark and an ugly painting
A worthless and a bloody painting.

BURDEN by Shobha Goswami

One of Shobha Goswami's finest paintings that I am so impressed with that at the first glance I could not resist myself linking it to my blog. She is one of the finest painters in the contemporary times and who is highly inspired by Nature's beauty. To know more about her works please click NISARGA Art Prints

my room

In one of the rooms of mine he studies,in another one he takes his meal, in one of them he sings ,sleeps in the other. He rents all the four rooms of my heart He is none but sorrow. - Nilim Kumar