Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Beginning

Today, feels like green everywhere.
The earth looks tender
Like the gentle breeze from Laban,
And my mind feels the freshness
Of the slow moving stream from the uphill.
Today, feels like tuberose
About to blossom in all the corners of my heart.
And the smiling Eucalyptus tree is flying across
The patches of blue clouds.

Today, this life's new meadow just need
Few pocket full of raindrops…
Wish you be some rain, be some cloud and some rainbow
And shower your blessings for our new life

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BURDEN by Shobha Goswami

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my room

In one of the rooms of mine he studies,in another one he takes his meal, in one of them he sings ,sleeps in the other. He rents all the four rooms of my heart He is none but sorrow. - Nilim Kumar