Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness- MOVIE REVIEW

“I Cried with Smith , I laughed with him”. That’s what exactly I did while watching the movie. Will Smith at his best in this movie. Gabriel Muccino’s one of the finest direction is Pursuit to Happiness.
The best part of the movie is the identification. Anybody who watches this movie can identify himself or herself in some point or the other in his or her life. He is a normal person who has bad days and good days in life but he still try to find joy in his bad days.
This movie is an inspiring and motivational one. It teaches us to try to be positive at every phase of life.
I would recommend this movie to anyone who is happy or sad or angry or frustrated or in love or in hate or who has just came to this world.. Must watch.. would like to cry and smile with will smith over and over again …

Babel-not at all confusing - MOVIE REVIEW

Saturday could not have been better with the movie 'Babel' playing in my room with my intimate friends around.

1st plot: Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett trying to break free (?) and goes on a long trip to Morocco.

2nd plot: An accidental firing by two kids of a goat herder results in political waves and swings across the nation.

3rd plot: In Mexico a Nanny of two American kids goes out to attend her grand son's marriage and series of unfortunate events follows.

4th plot: In Tokyo, a deaf and dumb girl(Rinko Kikuchi), battling with her isolation and cops looking out for her father who was a hunter in his young days.

And these four plots create the Babel where the director Alejandro Gonzalez stitches these 4 plots so beautifully that you are hooked to the screen till the end. Brad Pitt has justified his role for the moment he got as well Cate. Sign language was beautifully woven though I am not sure if the sub titles were there in the theater issue as I was watching a DVD.
Do not know if it was an intentional babel that the director wanted to create when Brad asks Cate discusses about her tensions - 'are you still tensed?.. Will you forgive me?..' No backdrop of the incident is given keeping audience in loop. Another incident when the Rinko (Tokyo plot) delivers a letter to the cop where the contents were not disclosed to the audience keeping viewers guessing.

The best thing I liked about this movie is that the plots were not kept till the end for a suspense revelation instead the plots were beautifully carried and revealed during the development of the movie. As a whole a nice Sunday movie to be watched with Dominos Pizza which you get really cheap now a days. ( Dominos guys - I should be paid for this advertisement - r u listening;-)

Sunday, May 27, 2007


When she fell in love,
Her shadow didn’t know it.
Neither the air
Nor the hearts near her.

When she expressed
The tempest echoed it
And she made a grave
Where she laid down her love.
She had an abortion
But the sleeping existence rebels
Like the tides of the sea,
And the bubbles of the rain.
Even knowing it’s a heinous crime;
It was indispensable.
She had an abortion
For a better time.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sand in Goa is so Soft

Sand in Goa is very soft.
They are sometimes green
Like the fresh leaves-
They have a fragrance
Which is everlasting.

The fragrance sometimes dies
Maybe when she is unhappy
May be when she is angry.
But sand in Goa is very soft

I can embrace the sand
For long long hours
The sand penetrates and makes me feel
The presence of my own.

The sand in my life-
You have a sea beneath
I can see the sun rise
From your breast

Let me get drowned in the sea
With a silent tempest.
My life gets a re-birth.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Me , the grasshopper and my Mom

The grasshopper flies around and takes you back
To the lanes of childhood .
The countless kisses ,
And my face surmounted with her breast .
And one more sleepless night for her.
I gets lost in the dreams of innocence .
Now a days my eyes feels a lot
The presence of tears .
The silence in her womb
And the mental trauma of the contemporary ,
Searches for the grasshopper.

When the eternal gate opens for me someday
And if asked for a wish
It will you my MOM
As my mom forever


Today there are not many people
In her courtyard.
Today there are not many stars
In the sky too.

Whenever those irritating evenings stares me,
She embraces me and
Embraced my loneliness.
You can feel my scar of lips in her
Ups and down of her breast.
That cup pf tea which has taught me
Few lines in life-
‘Sometimes the concentration of sugar and
Milk makes the tea taste bad.’
Someday I wish to see you naked,
And I want to feel all the complications
Of your body.

Java City, today I want to rest my
Head on your laps and
Want to cry and cry aloud.
I want to get lost in your womb again.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

How Vast my Heart Should be

how vast my heart should be
to love you?
my heart has got a deep green scent.
i don't know whose scent is this,
it may be yours...
but why i do get a scent of green leaves sometimes
and of clouds too in my heart?

how many times I have to submerge the tea bags
in the cup of milk to bring the color;
I don’t know the concentration of sugar.

How vast the sky is that it can keep
Millions of starts in his heart.
And I just envy the sky who can keep
The star whom I love a lot.

I will ask the star tomorrow
How vast my heart should be to love you?

How Much i Love you

If ever the sky comes down,
Which I can touch by my hand;
Ill take some cloud and put it in my pocket,
And ill gift it to you so that you can feel the
Depth of the cloud and my love.
If ever you ask me how much I love you,
I wont be able to tell you.
Ill have to search something larger than the sky,
Something deeper than the sea
Ill have to run around like a nomad
In search for the words,
So please don’t ever ask me
How much I love you.

BURDEN by Shobha Goswami

One of Shobha Goswami's finest paintings that I am so impressed with that at the first glance I could not resist myself linking it to my blog. She is one of the finest painters in the contemporary times and who is highly inspired by Nature's beauty. To know more about her works please click NISARGA Art Prints

my room

In one of the rooms of mine he studies,in another one he takes his meal, in one of them he sings ,sleeps in the other. He rents all the four rooms of my heart He is none but sorrow. - Nilim Kumar